The AL-ARABIYYA-INSTITUTE was founded in 2011 by Eckehard Schulz, Professor at the Oriental Institute of the University of Leipzig. It has many years of experience in the Arab world. It focuses on the transfer of research findings to the public and offering services for students and teachers and also sees itself as a center for the development of teaching materials not only in the field  of Arabic language.

In Summer 2018 the profile of the institute was enriched by the collaboration of Hans-Georg Ebert, Professor of Islamic Law and Law of the Arab Countries at the Oriental Institute.

Learning Arabic

The textbook “Modern Standard Arabic” by Eckehard Schulz has been a standard textbook for years, even far beyond the borders of Germany. With the online version of the textbook, the AL-ARABIYYA INSTITUTE has been able to set new standards for academic Arabic teaching.

Testing of Arabic as foreign language

The AL-ARABIYYA-INSTITUTE offers a standardized Arabic language test based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages. The AL-ARABIYYA-TEST, which has been on the market since 2011, offers a transparent review of Arabic language skills. The test also provides comparability of the language level reached in different Arabic teaching institutions  because the AL-ARABIYYA-TEST is independent of the language acquisition background.

With the introduction of the TOAFL in 2017, the AL-ARABIYYA INSTITUTE offers another option for self-assessment of the language level. The e-TOAFL-TEST can be used as preparation for Arabic language examinations of any kind.

Capacity Building in the field of Islamic law and Law of the Arab Countries

The Al-ARABIYYA-INSTITUTE offers the possibility of capacity building for public and private institutions and for individuals in the field of Islamic Law and Law of the Arab countries also in cooperation with partners in the Arab world since this field will be of growing importance in the years to come because of the most recent developments.

A significant publication in this field is Islamisches Recht. Ein Lehrbuch. Leipzig 2016 written by Professor Hans-Georg Ebert assisted by Julia Heilen.

The AL-ARABIYYA-INSTITUTE also accepts or provides services in the following areas:

Highest quality translations

  • Translations Arabic⇔English by sworn translators
  • Translation of Arabic law texts
  • Intercultural adaptation and editing of translated texts
  • Creation of ready-to-print templates of translations (including right-left fonts)

Internet sites & mobile apps for Android and iOS

  •  HTML5, CSS3, CMS, PHP, Javascript
  •  Conception & design & programming
  •  Multilanguage: Arabic, Urdu, Farsi / Dari, German, English, Indonesian

Professional development / webinars

  •  Crosscultural competence and cooperation in Germany and abroad
  •  Business etiquette – Arab world
  •  Workshops and courses in the field of Islamic Law and Law of the Arab Countries


  •  Consulting for individuals and institutions in culture, politics, law and business
  •  Accompaniment of negotiations as a consultant and “business angel”
  •  Reports and evaluations in related fields

Capacity Building

  •  Preparation of Arabic teaching materials (XHTML, WordPress)
  •  Development of internet-based courses and information concerning the Arab World and Islamic Law


  •  Lecturers on Arab and Islamic topics from home and abroad
  •  Sworn interpreters for Arabic⇔German for interpreting & community interpreting